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Software used in this Wiki

We use software now known as Foswiki.

As of 28 October 2008, a curious situation arose which deserves a word or two. In the past, we would have described this wiki as based on the "TWiki" software. Unfortunately, the trademark rights to that name were held by one person, while development was done by many. On that date, the community developing the software were locked out from their development servers and forums. It was a black day in the history of Free Software.

But communities are strong. Within a day, the bulk of server infrastructure for development was back up on donated equipment. It took three weeks to choose the new name. A release of the trademark-stripped code is expected before the end of 2008 -- with a few improvements, of course, that mark any new release.

This spirit of cooperation, contribution, and "routing around damage" is what has made the success of free software, and the internet which was built on it, possible. We use free software like Foswiki because its ethics are based in those of sharing -- like the work of all good academics.

-- DonBarry - 18 Nov 2008

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