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IRS Truth Spectra

The following two spectra are recommended for the calibration of the low-resolution IRS modules. HR 6348 should be used for SL and all LL data up to and including Campaign 44. For LL data from Campaign 45 or later, we recommend the use of both HR 6348 and HD 173511.

The files are simple FITS files with wavelength (um) in column 0, flux density (Jy) in column 1, uncertainty (Jy) in column 2, and order number in column 3. The order number is 1-3 for SL1, SL2, and SL-bonus, and 4-5 for LL1, LL2, and LL-bonus.

These spectra are based on S18.18 pipeline output from the Spitzer Science Center. See IRS-TR 12003 on the Technical Reports page for details on how they were constructed.

-- GregSloan - 20 Dec 2012

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